Many people have commented that they have seen a yard that they know 'Prestige' landscaped. Our projects are over the top beautiful and highly functional. We utilize materials that are unique and designed in such a fashion as to emphasize the customers own taste and preferences. Dramatic changes in grade are often useful to reduce or eliminate the need for retaining walls in conjunction with mass planting of shrubs or large groups of perennials and grasses. Smooth transitions from one space to another with walls used for appeal as well as utility are hallmarks of Prestige Landscape. Curving natural stone steps and water features create a seductive beauty that have a timeless appearance. Pools, patios and plantings need to flow in design to achieve a natural harmony. Prestige can transform your property into the estate in your dreams.


When a project is sold we proceed to construction
and execute using the standards of excellence we have established
over the last thirty years.

We must exceed expectations in service and quality.
All areas of the landscape must drain naturally by gravity instead of depending on drains. Drainage is the key element to landscape function.
Plant material should be mature enough to establish the look and shape that is desirable in a mature plant.
Plants should be elevated with good soil and compost to the proper grade for each plant. Sprinkler system overwatering is the most frequent source of plant health problems and elevating plants is the solution to this problem.
All projects should be kept neat and orderly throughout the construction process.
We organize the sub contractors to insure that the work flows efficiently and the sub contractor questions are answered without disturbing our customer.
Jim Meiners will handle all customer questions and personally check all subcontractors work.
Completed projects are monitored to make sure systems are functioning properly.
We want to have an ongoing relationship to supply technical support and maintenance programming.
Every customer will be glad they chose Prestige Landscape.