Prestige Landscape is a company developed by Jim Meiners in Florissant, Missouri in 1978. At sixteen years old, Jim started in business removing and replanting trees. Jim built the business on referrals and continued to landscape larger and nicer projects. The name 'Prestige' relates to the project quality Jim wanted to target.

Being self-taught, Jim learned from his father about work ethic and how to build. Jim's father and namesake had a beautiful yard and gardens which he constantly improved along with little Jim's help.

Throughout the years, Jim's unique hobbies began to have an impact on his business. Loving history and old houses, Jim donated time to Historic Florissant restoring old houses and supplying labor. His new friends at Historic Florissant taught him to respect and recognize the past.

Jim started to collect and utilize construction materials from old houses and streets. The wonderful patina and texture of a wall or waterfall built from old material was far superior to that of new material. Today, manufacturers of material tumble their products in an attempt to mimic antique products.

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Prestige Landscape has a constant supply of street cobbles, curbstones, foundation stones, architectural pieces, and carved stone steps from 19th century homes that have been demolished. Prestige Landscape designed and built the handicap access ramp to the St. Louis Old Cathedral, and repaired stonework on the historic landmark.

As Jim's business grew, more and more of the historic materials were needed. As he drove around the city looking for material, Jim saw almost every demolition site. While walking these sites, Jim started noticing 19th century pottery and bottles in dirt piles. He learned that wells, privies, and cisterns were filled with refuse in the 19th century and were uncovered by construction and grading. Before long, digging the long buried trash pits was a passion and hobby. Because of the nature of construction, many of these pits needed to be dug immediately or the next day's work would destroy the buried artifacts. Many digs throughout the night ended when the workmen showed up the next morning. Being outgoing has helped Jim secure permission to dig.

In 1998, the City Museum's founder, Bob Cassilly, asked Jim to display his collection of privy artifacts. The display was moved to its own room in 2006 and continues to grow and improve. Go to the 'Jim' section of this website to see pictures of artifacts on display at the museum, and learn more about this strange hobby.

In 1985, Jim contacted Gary Zide at the St. Louis Home Builders Association about landscaping at the Home and Garden Show. Before long, Prestige Landscape was creating displays at the show that covered a fourth of an acre of the convention center. The Home and Garden Show was Prestige Landscape's only advertisement and was very effective. The show was an opportunity to build a display of the product he wanted to sell and 100,000 homeowners to see it.

Prestige Landscape has enjoyed a thirty year relationship with Pool Tron, St. Louis' premier pool builder. Our landscape designs create the privacy and splendor that construction alone doesn't achieve. Over the years Prestige Landscape has become the top choice for estate landscape development. Premier custom builders such as Rehnquist, Covert, Hufton, R. G. Apel and St. Albans Construction have Prestige Landscape their homes.

Today, our customers enjoy having all aspects of the landscape design managed by one company. Our Chesterfield facility stocks all of the plants and construction material we use on our jobs.

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Prestige Landscape was created by Jim Meiners in 1978.
First feature garden for the St. Louis Home Builders Association in 1985.
Developed first facility on Old Halls Ferry Road in Black Jack, Missouri in 1985.
Restored 1840 log cabin and barn on Old Halls Ferry Road in 1986.
Designed landmark preservation district for Black Jack, Missouri in 1989.
Developed Old Country Gardens in 1992 and received a Landmark Commercial Development Award.
Purchased 16 acre farm on North Eatherton Road in Chesterfield in 1996.
Developed Chesterfield facility for Prestige Landscape Nursery on North Eatherton Road in 1997.
Urban archaeology display at City Museum by Jim Meiners in 1998.
Developed Old Country Estates subdivision on Old Halls Ferry in 2000.
Urban archaeology display enlarged into its own room in City Museum in 2006.
Purchased 53 acre farm on North Outer Road off Highway 70 in New Florence, Missouri in 2006.
Development of tree growing facility in New Florence, Missouri in 2007.
Started on-going maintenance division to improve customer service in 2008.
Harvested first crop at New Florence Farm in 2010.
Purchased Brownhurst Mansion Stone at Vianney High School, 2500 tons antique limestone in 2012.
Purchased property on Highway 109 as potential new nursery site in 2015.

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